Denove: petanto el Afriko

Mi ricevis jenan tekston de juna viro el Ganao, Issahku ABU:

I received this text from a young man from Ghana, Issahku ABU:

Dear There are some problems we keep to ourselves,But the kind of problem and situations am face right now is too much that i can’t keep it to myself so i’v to share with you and you got any help.I’m a school drop out and i became school drop out since last year, When both my parent died in a Car accident in south Africa they were barried without my notice. The day before the Accident was the last day i was then on Imo video call…Since My parent died things started falling apart. The family of my dad started Maltreating me and they took away all the properties which was made by my parent..So i also one day thought it wise to died and join them but each and every time there’s this fried called Nashiru Also come to my rescue.. Hes the one looking after me but i would be very thankful if you can help with some funds so that i can start schooling, You’re the only the only shoulders i can lean on

Please i know can try you best for me to get back school

Tiu prezentaĵo postulas Ĝavoskripton.

Issahku ABU (23 jarojn) do skribas, ke li devis forlasi la lernejon, post kiam siaj gepatroj mortis pro akcidento en Sud-Afriko. Post la perdo de la gepatroj, la familio de la patro komencis malbone trakti lin. Issahku ABU sentis la deziron sekvi siajn gepatrojn …

Issahku ABU (23 years) writes he had to leave school after his parents died of an accident in South Africa. After the loss of the parents, the father’s family began to treat him badly. Issahku ABU felt the desire to follow her parents …

Fine li petas monon de mi por daŭrigi la edukadon.

Finally, he asks me for money to continue the education.

La enhavo de ĉi tiu mesaĝo estis egala al tiuj de tiom multaj aliaj petantoj, pro tio mi pridubas la veron: la gepatroj mortis (plej ofte pro akcidento), la resta familio agis malbone, oni devis ĉesi la edukadon pro financaj problemoj.

The content of this message was equal to those of so many other applicants, therefore I question the truth. The parents died (most often due to an accident), the rest of the family had done badly, they had to stop education due to financial problems.

Estimata Issahku ABU, ĉu mi mortigis viajn gepatrojn? Ĉu mi responsas la malbonan konduton de via familio? Ĉu mi puĉis (ribelis) kontraŭ la unua, liberala registaro en Ganao, por ke la barbareca kapitalismo venku? Ĉu mi estas unu el la multaj koruptaj politikistoj en Ganao? Ĉu mi ekspluatas vian landon, la trezorojn sub kaj sur la grundo kaj la homojn? Ĉu mi faris kontraktojn kun via lando, kiuj subpremas la ekonomion?

Honorable Issahku ABU whether I killed your parents? Do I responsible the bad behavior of your family? Did I have fought (rebelled) against the first, liberal government in Ghana, so that the barbarian capitalism can win? Am I one of the many corrupt politicians in Ghana? Do I exploit your country, the treasures under and on the ground and the people? Have I made contracts with your country that oppress the economy?

Ribelu kontraŭ la krimuloj en via lando kaj en aliaj landoj de Afriko! Tiu estos pli bona solvo!

Rebel against the criminals in your country and in other countries of Africa! This will be a better solution!


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